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30-260x160 Fmc

30-260x160 Fmc

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High resolution --- The newest version of the 30-260x160 mini optical binoculars. Extension: 30-260x; Visibility: 126m / 1000m; Pupil exit diameter: 80mm; Pupil exit distance: 18mm. Enjoy longer, lighter and super magnified distances and crisp optical performance at an incredible level.Anti-slip and anti-vibration --- Natural rubber prevents slipping or shaking. Fully coated lenses for enhanced brightness, super small binoculars, light transmitting telescopes, waterproof design, adapt to all climates, day and night vision (you won't see anything in total darkness).Adjustable eyepiece distance and sharpening wheel --- Easy adjustment and quick focus with sharpening wheel, quick adjustment of focal length. The adjustable eye distance makes the compact binoculars suitable for adults and children. Night vision binoculars can be folded very small and therefore can be placed in a purse or pants pocket. They are comfortable and easy to carry.Suitable accessory for outdoor activities: Children's binoculars include lens cleaning cloth, 2 foot long collar and nylon case. This foldable raincoat is suitable for bird watching, hunting, hiking, travel or sightseeing.

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