Electric Mopping Machine Led Water Spray 60min

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Electric Mopping Machine Led Water Spray 60min

By Xiaomi

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hand cleanser wireless MijiaIt's okay to clean the floor. It can be cleaned 1,000 times in one highly efficient minuto.É to clean | wireless control | water spray fan-shaped | battery charging touch. The machine scrubbing portable wireless Mijia can replace the human effort to clear the ground for a long tempo.Ele complete repeated cleaning, careful cleaning and cleaning focada.O cleaning effect is visible and suitable for the whole family, reducing considerably the steps of housework: dust economy Save time, clean and subtract heavy tasks, time-consuming and tedious, and spend more time with his family and listening to yourself.1000 alternating movements per minute, simulating the hand wiping the door.The high speed drive motor drives the outer plate motion to simulate the manual cleaning solo.O reciprocating 1000 times per minute produces high frequency friction with the floor, which can effectively decompose the dirty spots and stubborn stains on the surface and quickly remove dust, dirt and hair. Therefore, the cleaning speed of the machine to scrub the floor is often higher than the traditional type of manual cleaning, and is quick and clean, it is very simple.2200mAh lithium battery incorporated with a duration of 60 minutes.The wireless charging design of scrubbing machine releases the process of scrubbing power cord tangle, without restrictions. This machine uses large capacityThe 2200mAh lithium battery can be charged by fitting the load cell and can operate continuously for more than 60 minutes per vez.Ela supports 4-6 times the floor cleaning chores for small families.Two types of mop, free choiceMop only clean, throw away after useThe cleaning mop is a necessary step in the household and is also demorada.O improved disposable mop is used immediately.The operation is more convenient and mop cleaning step is omitted. The disposable cleaning wiper can be perfectly adhered to the Velcro of the sports board and fit tightlyDense and strong, the cleaning ability is stronger.Mop cleaning durable, strong cleaning can be repeatedThe mop is made of optimized materials, which can easily handle various stains such as footprints, juice residues and oil stains on the floor. Easy tear down the batteryWalking with annoying hair. Durable cleaning mop is reusable, has a strong cleaning power, durable and not easy to get the hair.multifunctional multifunction machineThe water mist spray fan-shaped can wet evenly ground, play a role in suppressing dust infiltrating ancient and long spots and cause rubbing machine remove dust and dirt more efficiency. The spots are clean and translucent and the air is fresh. Facing dry floors, semi-dry, moist and wet, it is easy to deal with it and ensure that it is clean.It can be rotated forward and back, free to move without bending.Design wireless controllable handle with one hand, flexible 180 ° rotation, easier to clean the wall, under the table and chairs at the bottom of the couch, ignoring the corner of the table and the legs of the bench, the way of cleaning can be adjusted at will the switch design to clean the floor and spray water is simple and easy to use. The reciprocal movement of the sports board floor cleaner can help you move forward and backward without bending down and kneel, you can do it easily.Stand up against the load cell, use with loadingDuring the cleaning process, the cleaning task can be interrupted at any momento.A cleaning machine goes into automatic suspension after 2 minutes, which is safe and saves energy. The vertical placement can get rid of the fall of the pole problem. After use, keep upright against the load cell, "go home" to load, full of energy and long battery life.Product Details, water spray designThe fan-shaped mist spreads evenly to wet the ground and absorb stains. Light security warning the water tank when the water tank is full, the light-filled water warningLights, remember the amount of water to prevent overflow. LED lighting with 14 beads LED lamp on the front, illuminates uniformly dark gaps and there is no place for dust to hide. Stand in Auto Power Off position, push the lever forward to the vertical state, the host automatically lock, safe and without energy consumption. Design load cellAfter using the scrub machine, it is based on the load cell and can be placed and charged at the same time. The handle is flexible and easy to operate. While using the scrubbing machine, the fuselage of the shaft is rotated in a flexible manner by turning the handle, and the front and rear angles can reach 45 °. The left and right angle can reach 180 °. Clean the floor with no dead corners and move more conveniently.Design thin, stylish, lightweightThe curved body design, up to 7 cm, it is easy to remove dust under the wardrobe, the bed, the sofa and the thorough cleaning of the home environment.
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