NEUDORFF Wildgardener®Freude Fledermausquartier, 1 piece

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NEUDORFF Wildgardener®Freude Fledermausquartier, 1 piece

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NEUDORFF Wildgardener®Freude Fledermausquartier, 1 pieceProduct description:Neudorff's bat quarter offers bats a safe retreat and day hiding place. It ensures protection against weather ingestry and the narrow entrance slot also prevents the penetration of predators such as birds of prey. The bat quarter supports biological plant protection. Recommended by the Nature Conservation Association (NABU). Neudorff supports the work of the Joint Life Aid Schaumburg-Weserbergland GmbH.The Bats Protect – Day Quarter offers accommodationThe nocturnal bats have it increasingly difficult to find day quarters. This is one of the reasons why all 23 species living in Germany are now on the „Red List“. Reason enough to support the eager insect killers. With the new bat quarter of Neudorff, this is quite simple. The fascinating bats fly around at night and catch insek - ten in flight. During the day, they are kept in protected, mostly narrow cracks and openings. The flight artists spend their winter hibernation in caves, old tunnels and other quarters. From mid-March they become active again and change, for example, to the new bat quarter of Neudorff. The box made of untreated wood is simply attached to the outer wall of Ge - Bäuden. A southern or western orientation is optimal at a height of about 4 m. If you want to do the rest for the bats, plant shrubs and flowers that smell at night nearby. Night - candle, night viol, goat leaf, Buddleja and others attract with their scent nocturnal insects, which serve as food for the bats. This is practiced species protection The NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland) has professionally tested the bat quarter of Neudorff and recommends it for bat protection.Application:for: Garden areaProperties:Retreat and day hiding place for bats handmade by employees of the Joint Life Aid Weserbergland GmbH (PLSW) due to its special construction also suitable for dwarf bats (Nature Conservation Association) recommended bats feed on insects and thus regulate their stocks wood from sustainable forestry with weather-resistant roof dimensions: 46.5 x 28.5 x 11.5 cm (H x W x T)Instructions for use:In order to protect the untreated bat quarter from moisture and weather influences in the long term, a coating with linseed oil or natural wood protection is recommended. There are several factors to consider when selecting the hanger:1. The quarter should not be permanently exposed to the blazing sun. It otherwise heats up too much and is shunned by the bats.2. The bats must be able to fly freely to the box, no branches or the like must protrude in front of the approach board.3. Place the bat quarter at a height of at least four metres. If several quarters are to be hung, different cardinal directions are favorable, so that the animals can change depending on the sun's irradiation and outside temperature. If it is possible to attach it under a roof overstand, the southern orientation of the bat quarter is preferable. Hang the bat quarter e.g. on a tree or a house wall. Attach to the top and bottom of the fastening strip with a nail or screw so that it does not wobble even in strong winds. The bats fly at the approach board of the quarter and climb up at the cross grooves. Due to the sloping front wall, the bats can choose a slope place, where they have both back and abdominal contact to the wood. Most bat species prefer such narrow hiding places.Dimensions: 46.5 x 28.5 x 11.5 cm (H x W x D). Weight: about 2 kg. Due to the processing of natural materials, slight deviations from the above-specified information are possible. Pack size: 1 piece of application allowed by non-professional users. This product information does not replace compliance with the instructions for use and does not claim to be complete.
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