Small Nail Building Block Toy Creative Chess Building Block

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Small Nail Building Block Toy Creative Chess Building Block

Small Nail Building Block Toy Creative Chess Building Block

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Toys that allow children to use their creativity and imagination. The use of high-quality ABS material makes this color more brighter than other products, and with a certain degree of flexibility, it is safer to use. Your child likes this one more. The quality is very good, it feels comfortable, easy to grasp, and you can play with your baby safely.Cultivate your baby's logical thinking ability. Exercise cooperation skills and improve hands-on skills. Enhance the ability to distinguish shapes and things. Promote hand-eye coordination and stimulate sensory development. Develop brain thinking and recognize different colors. Each shape of the chess piece is very suitable for grabbing on the chessboard. Checkerboard design is the use of sophisticated design techniques, hand-eye combination, development and enhancement of visual perception skills, visual movement coordination, decision-making modes and more For your child you can perform color recognition, shape, basic math skills such as counting, addition, subtraction and shape. Your little one will not even notice that they are learning because they are "playing". Parents and children like toys with fine environmentally friendly materials designed by professional designers

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