Snipe Cool Weighted Blanket 10 kg White Bamboo Satin

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Snipe Cool Weighted Blanket 10 kg White Bamboo Satin

By Beckasin

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Bamboo snippet is nice to use all seasons as the special material absorbs and evaporates up to four times more moisture than regular cotton materials. The material is also naturally antibacterial, which contributes to a fresher and more hygienic sleeping climate. The weighted blanket is designed to naturally reduce stress, provide relaxation and increased well-being. A great gift for you or loved ones. The heavy blanket helps the nervous system to relax by simulating the feeling of being restrained or hugged and makes you fall asleep quickly and sleep better. Trays filled with hypoallergenic, toxic and odorless crystallized sand crystallized sand crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized sand crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized crystallized crystals (not silicone or polyethylene) provide an even pressure that allows the blanket to form close to the body for a comfortable, enveloping pressure – similar to a warm hug. The weighted blanket releases a range of body hormones that act anxiolytic and soothing. Blood pressure is lowered, breathing becomes calmer and this makes a significant difference to your sleep quality. Very good aid for things like: Sleep problems, Day time and night time disorders, Dementia, Anxiety, Anorexia/Bulimia, Autism, Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, Psychosis, Mental illness, Acquired brain injury, Neurological disorders, etc. Free from polyester and microplastics Weight cover textile of 100% bamboo – completely free of polyester and microplastics. The skin cooperates with other organ systems, such as the kidneys that are tasked with purifying the body. As part of this process, the skin gushes out slag substances through its many sweat glands. Sweating is thus an important and cleansing process for the body and it can be stressful for the body's purification system if the sweat glands are clogged by, for example, anti-perspiratic textiles such as microfiber and polyester. They inhibit skin breathing and you experience the uncomfortable, sweaty feeling we tend to associate with low breathability. Safe and secure with Oeko-Tex and CE certification Sniping is certified by the international control body Oeko Tex Association. The labelling means that the textiles have undergone rigorous testing and are free from additives that may be dangerous to skin and health. Snipe weighted blankets are tested and approved as medical devices. Quality assured by CE certification with classification 93/42/EEC Medical devices (MDD). Other certifications that we are proud of are SGS, Sedex and BSCI. Delbart weighted blanket facilitates when washing In the vast majority of cases, it is enough to air the weighted blanket regularly if you use case and duvet cover. If you still need to wash the blanket, first check the capacity of the washing machine or choose a divisible weighted blanket. It has a zipper in half and can be disassembled to be washed separately as two parts. Choose a gentle washing program with low centrifugation that corresponds to hand washing. The duvet stays the best of getting flat-dry. Do not tumble dry or iron. It is also possible to steam wash or leave the duvet at the dry cleaners. Shaken and aired regularly, must not be whipped or vacuumed. Buy with advantage for a protective case in cotton satin or bamboo, which gives a cool and comfortable feeling to the skin and easily washable. Snipe's weighted covers are available in several different designs and weights 2.6 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 10 kg and 12 kg. What weight is right for me? What weight is right for you is individual. But there are some guidelines to keep to. For young children from 6 months up to 3 years, we recommend our smallest and lightest weighted blanket of 2.6 kg. Beckasin's 5 kg weighted blanket is suitable for children (about 4-12 years) or people where there is a problem with aches or pains and therefore have difficulty handling heavier duvets. Most common in adults and children from 12 years of age is our 7 kg weighted blanket, you can assume this if you are unsure. When you have difficulty sleeping but otherwise sleep well or if you wake up many times at night, you choose between 7 and 10 kg. Keep in mind that the weight in our weighted blankets is distributed evenly. Anyone who needs more stimulation for effect chooses a heavier blanket. Those with high tension and a lot of anxiety or are outgoing have more difficulty with sinness stimulation and may need 12 kg of weighted blanket. If you have tried 10 kg of weighted blanket and notice that it is not enough, you can go up to 12 kg. You may also be useful if you need a short period of fast power. Dimensions: about 150x210 cm Color: Gray/White Material: Bambu<br>Color: Gray/White<br><Br>gt;<br>Filling: Hypoallergenic (hypoallergenic) and odorless glass quartz sand crystal Padding: Cotton Note Weighted Cover is a hygiene product. 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