Stand up surfboards SUP arris surfboard stand up Paddle Board, Inflatable Stand-Up

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Stand up surfboards SUP arris surfboard stand up Paddle Board, Inflatable Stand-Up

Stand up surfboards SUP arris surfboard stand up Paddle Board, Inflatable Stand-Up

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Stable, sturdy, portable, easy to use 1. High-strength wire drawing material, strong structure, light weight, foldable, easy to control and move 2. EVA non-slip design deck foot pad, soft and comfortable, enhance friction, easy to stand 3. The PVC adhesive structure makes the paddle board resistant to impact and more durable 4. Refined air valve, easy to inflate and deflate (the spring button may not rebound) 5. The large fin in the middle can be disassembled to increase the sliding speed, and the two small fins can keep the paddle board stable. 6. The large D-ring at the tail is used to fix the foot bolt 7. Padded handle, easy to carry and move 8. 4-point D-ring and elastic luggage rope for easy storage of belongings 9. Portable manual air pump, with pressure indicator, more intuitive, quick and labor-saving inflating 10. The retractable paddle is convenient to adjust to the appropriate length according to the height (15-20cm taller than the height) 11. The matching backpack can store all accessories, save space, and is convenient to carry out 12. Equipped with a portable tool barrel, not afraid of air leakage, easy to repair Product usage scenarios: It can be used for travel, surfing, racing and other multi-purposes, suitable for stand-up paddling, water yoga, family outings and other scenarios Notice: 1. It is recommended to wear a buoyancy vest during exercise to ensure safety 2. The pressure will drop after 2-3 days of inflatable protection, which is normal, just refill it before sailing. 3. Inflate to 11-12psi for regular use; do not over-inflate, 15psi is enough, it is not recommended to use other high-pressure equipment to inflate, the damage caused is not within the scope of the after-sales warranty 4. Before each launching, check the equipment such as the inflatable board and the paddle board; before long-distance sailing, check whether the paddle board is sealed, and it can be kept for 24 hours after being filled with air. Check for air leakage. If there is air leakage, use the equipped repair Tube repair 5. If you roll up and store it after use, you need to dry the inflatable board first, don't roll it too tightly, and place it in a dry and clean place. 
  • Brand: YOUTHUP
  • Category: Paddleboards
  • Size: 320x76x15cm
  • Age Group: adult
  • Gender: unisex
  • Colour: white & blue

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