Wabjtam Oximeter Of Pulse Oximeter

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Wabjtam Oximeter Of Pulse Oximeter

Wabjtam Oximeter Of Pulse Oximeter

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Product Description: The finger pulse oximeter is an economical and precise method for measuring the frequency of the pulse and the oxygen saturation of the blood with the help of the fingers. The self-adjusting finger clip and simple to button design are easy to use. Small size and easy to carry. Suitable for everyday use, to measure your health at any time. widely used in homes, hospitals, oxygen bars, sports health care (recommended before and after exercise, not recommended during exercise), environmental health care, etc. . It is suitable for travel and mountaineering travel enthusiasts, patients (patients with long-term training) at home or in an emergency), for people over 60, to people who work more than 12 hours a day, sportsmen (professional sports coaches or sports lovers) workers in confined environment, etc. This product is not suitable for continuous patient monitoring. Product Name: Finger Pulse Oximeter Product Template: DS301 Product Features: 1. Display Settings: Oxygen Saturation of the Blood, SPO2 Value, PR Pulse Value, Pulse Histogram 2. Screen Type: OLED color display 3. Display mode: the direction can be changed 4, energy saving and environmental protection: the product has low power consumption, two AAA dry batteries can be used continuously during More than 40 hours 5. Voltage Warning: When the battery voltage is too low, this will affect normal use, there will be a low voltage warning 6. Starting a key: Start function with a key, simple operation 7. Automatic shutdown: When no signal is generated, the product automatically turns off after 8 seconds 8, Advantages: integrated blood oxygen sensor and processing display module, the product is simple To use, low power consumption, small size, light weight, easy to transport Product settings: measuring range of oxygen saturation of blood: 70% ~ 99% Heart Frequency Measurement Range: 30bpm ~ 250bpm Precision of the oxygen saturation measurement of blood: 2% in the range of 70% ~ 99%, 70% is undefined Precision of the heart rate measurement: 1 BPM or 1% of the measured value (depending on the highest value) oxygen saturation resolution of blood: oxygen saturation of the blood 1% consumption Electric: Less than 30 mA Automatic power: If no finger is inserted, it turns off automatically after 8 seconds operating temperature: 5 ~ 40 storage humidity: 15% ~ 80% during operation, 10% ~ 80% storage atmospheric pressure: 70kpa ~ 106kpa battery model: 2 AAA alkaline batteries, not counting the battery material: ABS + PC packing settings: Product size: 57 * 31 * 32 mm Net weight of the single product: 27.8g Size of the color box: 84 * 57 * 36 mm Gross weight of the single product: 40.8.0g packing size 355 * 305 * 202 mm Package content: pulse oximeter with finger clamp x 1

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